For the small organization, it is comforting to know that you have an experienced business partner at your side, to assist you with all sorts of challenging decisions. We've have many years of experience and can assist you in making the right decisions and avoid costly learning curve adventures. This builds confidence and enhances your ability to face new challenges as they arise. We’ll help you to establish a solid accounting system to track your business activity, help you to prepare a business plan, financial forecasts, tax returns and financial statements. We will guide you through the maze of laws, regulations and financial issues so that you can make informed business decisions. If needed, we can also refer you to competent bankers, attorneys and computer professionals who will support your business needs or we can be at your side to meet with these individuals. Some areas to consider include:

Based upon the size and complexity of your organization, we can propose an annual, all inclusive fee for these services or we arrange a per diem rate. Our rates range from $25 to $125 per hour depending upon the nature of services rendered and the experience level of personnel providing services.


Think of us as your full service accounting department. We can help you to establish an efficient bookkeeping system, and look over your shoulder while you keep your own records or we can set up your records on our computer and provide you with monthly financial reports. We will look over your monthly reports and teach you how to used them to their full advantage in your business decisions. The cost of these services are based on an estimate of time and can be set up on a monthly budget which would be reviewed and adjusted periodically after discussion with you.


Don’t have the staff or the will to keep up with the maze of insurance forms? Do you have non-performing accounts? Want to put some teeth into your collection procedures. Concentrate on the services that you enjoy most and use us to improve your cash flow and reduce your bad debts. As your billing and collection agent, we will invoice your clients/patients/customers, make collections and transfer collections directly to your bank account. Our computer software will track your receivables and provide you with a monthly report of the details. Our rates for these services is seven percent (7%) of collections.

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